Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Four Seasons Center Piece





Canadian Seasons

I was commissioned by the Summits Management Office of the federal government to create a piece to decorate the two main tables at the G8 Summit in Huntsville ON at the end of June 2010.

The piece that I was asked to do was based on the Four Seasons Suite that can be found on my web site joecoutts-woodsculptor.com

A representation of the changing seasons that affect the life styles of Canadians so completely was a good place to start. I included all four seasons in individual pieces, a single piece for each season that could be arranged in different formats. There were strict height restrictions so that the participants could see each other across the table.

I chose a format that would link the pieces together but not interfere with the design of the individual pieces. In the included photos there is a single red branch that is forked and provides the backbone for all the seasons. Two of the branches are open, summer and winter, and the other two, spring and fall is more closed. I see fall as being wind blown while spring is closing up very quickly with an abundance of life. Winter and summer are similar with their bull rushes and light open design.

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